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Backing up your server to Amazon AWS

Backups are key, here is how to easily backup your server to S3, with duplicity and duplicity-backup. Please be aware that cloud storages are not entirely private and encryption is also needed. With this approach you will have encrypted automatic backups of your files.

New design, up-to-date info

It was about time to update this website, with the news about me and my work. Check out the main page, you will find out a lot more about me. The design is new aswell. In this template you find my contact and social media info at the bottom.

How to use NetworkManager to connect to VPNSecure VPN service offers a much needed service, to enhance your privacy. You can download the official (and somewhat buggy, Electron based) app, or you can configure the NetworkManager to serve up all the available servers to connect to.

A year with Linux

How great is having FOSS, and not to pay a dime for your OS? I’m usign GNU/Linux for my everyday tasks, aswell on my work computer. It’s been more than a year since I made the switch from Windows.

The beginnings with Laravel

Found tremendous number of excuses why I didn’t want to start learning something new, like a framework. My arguments were, I don’t need this (false), I have no time for this (false), I’m too tired (true, but whatever).

Push notifications on Android smartphone and online privacy

Recently I bought a new smartphone, yay. Being the privacy concerned individual I am, the first thing was to disable the location services altogether.
Great, I was happy, the new phone worked well for a day or two, then problems started.
First I expreienced delays in push notifications, later the notifications arrived only if the app was explicitly started.

Self hosted Firefox Sync server, how to sync with Android

Recently I tried the self-hosted version of Firefox Sync. Mozilla complicates the things a little, because you need to install two services to make it fully self-hosted:

How easy is to use HTTPS with Let's encrypt and

C’mon it’s the end of 2016, if you don’t use https you really should now. It’s free, you only need to set it up once, and the rest is automated.

Configure multiple monitors (HiDPI and regular) on Ubuntu for usability

I had some troubles using my regular full HD monitor alongside my HiDPI display in ubuntu. Tried using the built in text scaling functionality, but it only scaled up the text, and not the other elements. Ubuntu lacks the method of scaling up only one of the monitors effectively.

Configure MySQL for master/slave replication with data

Recently I had to reconfigure our production database server, and had to set up MySQL for master/slave replication. The process is not too hard, but you need to keep in mind that at the time of starting the replication process you need to have identical data on both of the servers.